Hope for a better tomorrow and a wish to be of some Help towards it keeps me going. The practice, research and teaching converge towards the purpose of life where meanings are seen in extracurricular activities including just observing people and even not doing things. Debates and discussions on water and women, politics and people, science & spirituality, fitness & films are extremely enjoying collective works besides the solo work of sketching & scribbling, cooking & cleaning. Thing that has come with age is counselling on environmental, emotional and educational matters. It is enriching to hear from the unknowns every now & then who soon become dearly knowns.

Something that has been non-negotiable so far is the Freedom. God, if any, lies in the freedom of thinking, expressing and (not)doing. With freedom of decisions & actions comes responsibility. To learn and share the values of freedom as well as responsibility, a small grant program namely, ‘Responsible Citizen Fellowship, RCF’ is arranged from endowments through a not-for-profit initiative namely, eco development and research cell, edrc, of the parent consultancy firm namely, environmental design consultants ahmedabad (edc). More about the edrc-edc RCF small grant program is available at edrc-rcf fellowship info