Expressing about the things happening within and with outside related to the living and working is integral part of being a responsible person. There is a belief in active and sensitive citizenship and thus engaging and responding to a number of things. If more citizens register their opinions, the functioning of the social-ecological system and the democratic values can be restored. My concerns right now are embedded in humanity and biodiversity, such as, environment and economy; government and governance; people and politics; development and growth, school and scholarship; pretence and purity; attitude, awareness and awakening; and etc. The expressions are through discussions, talks, and writings.




  • Swaraj: Governance and Politics of Grassroot.
  • Demonetization and now Monetization.
  • Governance and Politics.
  • Niradhaar Adhaar.
  • The Gujarat Model.
  • Saffron Fever.
  • Achhe Din.
  • 2022 Awaited.
  • Pedagogy.
  • Planet and People.
  • Subtle Traits of Patriarchy
  • Ecology.
  • Water.
  • Built Environment.
  • Waste.