I aspire to live my name (mansee= minded reverence and adoration; bal= strength and determination; bhargava= vedic rituals and ayurved).

As a trans-disciplinary learner, I’m interested in the sustainability and liveability aspects of the built environment that include architecture-design-development-planning-management-governance. My twenty-five years of independent practice of entrepreneurship, research and education is focused on large scale residential, recreational, institutional, and industrial developments with inclination towards ecological restoration. I’m deeply concerned about the rising water distresses and the related issues including asymmetric access to opportunities. I’m developing my understanding of water resources as complex social-ecological systems with focus on urban lakes through research and writings. As a keen political observer and gender sensitive person, I believe in maximum governance where government is a servant to facilitate and the community and the businesses are the masters to spearhead the problems and solutions of the society and growth; and this is possible when the role of women in managing the shared resources as well as the society is more clearly and cleverly applied. The thinking is coming from the multi-disciplinary and global scholarships gained through the support of a number of fellowships and fraternities besides, community engagement to connect the Science and the Society. My practice converges with my passion as I do what I do and try to remain sensitive and sensible to do least possible damage to the planet and the people, including if that means doing nothing! I strongly believe it is time to Slow Down for the Society to Heal its people and the planet. I’m truly longing for a just society, where humanity and biodiversity are the drivers.

If there is a line to describe me, it will be: an inquisitive child with open mind and heart for whom the god, if any, lies in the freedom and the value of that freedom is immeasurable! Else, my professional resume (in progress obviously!) is here