I wish to live the meaning of my name (mansee= minded reverence & adoration; bal= strength & determination; bhargava= vedic rituals & ayurved). As a trans-disciplinary learner, my interests are in the sustainability & liveability aspects of the built environment that include architecture-design-development-planning-management-governance. In the twenty-five years of collaborative entrepreneurship, research & education, on large scale developmental initiatives, my inclination has been on ecological restoration. I’m concerned about the reducing water resources and the related rising water distresses. My understanding of water as a complex social-ecological system has made me a keen political observer and gender sensitive. For maximising governance and minimizing government to facilitate the civil society understand the problems & find the solutions, the crucial role of women requires clearly and cleverly used. This thinking is coming from multidisciplinary global scholarships with the support of various fellowships and fraternities besides on ground engagement to connect science and society. My engagements converge with my passion as I do what I do to try remain sensitive & sensible towards least possible harm to the planet and the people, including if that means doing nothing! I believe it is time to slow down to heal the planet for us to even live now. Besides, there is a longingness for a just society, where humanity & biodiversity are the drivers. A line that may describe me in short is: an open inquisitive child for whom the god, if any, lies in the freedom and the value of that freedom is immeasurable! My ‘in progress’ professional resume is here