Work and a dream to know the world bring me to places. The networking, socializing and site seeing go hand in hand with the work. I’m an urban traveler and often been a solo traveler. Walking is my way of measuring a place. People and places of congregation interest me. Waterfronts are my favourite. I like to observe the activities in the small streets and spaces as they truly represent the culture of a place. I’m fascinated by the food and faith of the diverse cultures. Amidst the busy built environments of the cities, I’m often looking for nature and calmness. Yes, the nature trips are long overdue.

I’ve traveled to over hundred cities around the world and lived in a few. Born in Bilaspur (the rice bowl of India) and brought up partly there and partly in Bongaon (border city of India to Bangladesh) and Tatanagar (the Steel city of India), over the years, life has geographically shifted towards the west. Lived in Gwalior and Bhopal (lake city) for undergrad, then moved to Ahmedabad (Gandhi city) for a post grad and it is my Base as of now. Lived in Cambridge and Rotterdam for further post grads. Rotterdam feels as a second home where I lived long to pursue my PhD. With a short stint in the east at Kyoto, now I’m at the far west at Phoenix.

I believe in keeping the doors and windows open for all the cultures and values to enter my house and enrich my life experiences. Yet, I shall still remain grounded to my Indian roots.